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A new youth development program is being launched, allowing youth who have had a significant lack of education or employment history, the ability to improve their skills and pathways for an employable future.

Called Youth Skills and Pathways, the Vinnies WA program has been developed after identifying a cohort of young people impacted by issues such as underemployment, undereducation, mental health, poverty and homelessness.

The program offers a fully supportive environment as young people gain experience working in either a Vinnies retail store or our main Distribution Centre. They can build skills in work-place settings, develop personal skills such as confidence, problem solving and communication, and have access to further job assistance support such as resume writing and interview preparation. The person-centered approach means the program has flexibility around expectations, period of participance and level of achievement.

“We really want to try and eliminate some of the barriers that young people with complex needs have when seeking employment to give them the best opportunity for success in a safe and supportive environment,” says Colin Krause Vinnies WA Youth Services Coordinator.

“Young people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness don’t often have the required skills or education they need to get a job. We want to empower and engage them through a fully supported program that is individually tailored to their specific needs. This means they can be given a pathway to opportunities for further workplace training, a TAFE course, or potentially straight into a job they otherwise would have struggled to obtain.”

The current Youth Skill Pathways program is initially only available at Vinnies WA Canning Vale Depot and Retail Store.

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