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Gareth had just completed rehabilitation for methamphetamine addiction and been accepted into a local crisis accommodation service when he began accessing Passages Peel almost a year ago. He mentioned to the youth workers that he was finding the accommodation service a really positive influence because the routine was similar to what he had experienced in rehabilitation, however he was struggling to stay sober as he started his transition back into society.

Passages Hubs in Perth and Peel have a number of in-reach services that hold regular sessions each week. Passages staff suggested Gareth talk with the community drug and alcohol service so he could receive ongoing support during his recovery journey.

Gareth met with a drug and alcohol youth counsellor at Passages each week and started making great progress until the counsellor advised to consider changing to less regular sessions at a location away from Passages. He was very apprehensive about the prospect of attending sessions elsewhere, but to help with this transition, Passages staff were able to accompany him to see the new location before his first official visit. Gareth remarked, that this really helped him feel far more comfortable with this change.

During the process, he disclosed to Passages Youth Workers that he was also working with Child Protection and Family Support and the Family Court to have visitation rights to his two young children. Navigating this process had been very difficult so Passages advocated for Gareth to the agencies citing the positive changes he was making. Despite this, it was determined that his current crisis accommodation was not suitable for them to visit. After three months in the accommodation service, Gareth was encouraged to look for more suitable long-term housing to allow him to see his children more frequently. He felt very unsure if he was ready to live independently and turned to Passages staff who supported him through the process as he was accepted into one of the transitional properties the accommodation service provided.

Achievements from individualised support

Engaging in education, employment or training was a requirement of Gareth’s transitional tenancy. He secured work three days a week volunteering at a local Op Shop. He reported to Passages staff that it was helping with his social anxiety and how he was enjoying the feeling of being able to give back to the community. This led to him enrolling in a TAFE course and start working towards completing an Engineering certificate in the hope of gaining a career.

These positive outcomes for Gareth would not have been possible without the individualised support that he experienced through Passages Youth Engagement Hub. This specialised service supported Gareth to make the positive changes he needed at his own pace, so he could continue his recovery journey and rebuild his life.


To respect the privacy of the people we assist, names and images have been changed.

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