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Have you ever considered volunteering?

May Bowden, Vinnies WA Volunteer Manager passionately talks about our volunteer workforce being at the core of what we do, using their passions, skills, talents and willingness to do whatever it takes to improve people’s lives.

From helping people who most need our support through our home-visitations, customer service in our retail shops; driving trucks and delivering goods at our Distribution Centre and depots; call-taking in our call centres; administration; knitting clothes and blankets in our knitters’ group to archiving our historic documents and treasures, every contribution is highly valued and makes a difference to the lives of more than 55,000 West Australians each year.

Corporate teams, school groups and other organisations can be regularly seen assembling beds, sorting shipments of clothing and recently making up food hampers in our Distribution Centre as part of our emergency assistance program as people are increasingly
affected by the impact of the pandemic.

During COVID-19 we were faced with one of our most challenging times when our services had to reduce or be suspended and our shops had to close, affecting nearly 3,000 of our valued and essential volunteers as we navigated our way through the impact of the crisis. And although many of us were affected in different ways during this time, the one thing that never changed was the commitment and resolve of our volunteers who were so incredibly willing to return to us and continue to help support their communities as soon as they could.

Change lives including yours!

It is a privilege to work with volunteers and to see how their lives have benefited from volunteering. At Vinnies we celebrate our volunteers, how they share their stories over morning teas around the state, about how this activity has improved lives – creating caring communities; improving confidence through learning new skills; finding pathways to employment; feeling useful and valued.

Our volunteering program continues to evolve, becoming more contemporary, improving our technologies and expanding our communications which support our current volunteers and appeals to our new recruits. Volunteering is a choice that you make, not only to give back to your community but also to feel very much a part of one. As we have all experienced an enormous amount of change in recent times both socially and economically, so why don’t you consider becoming a volunteer because when you care, lives are changed.

Written by May Bowden, Vinnies WA Volunteer Manager

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