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Meet Julie!

For the past three years, Julie has been one of our Youth Workers at Passages Youth Engagement Hub in Peel and is passionate about the work she does supporting young people.

Young people visiting Passages Youth Engagement Hubs often have high needs, complex trauma and behavioural issues, finding it difficult to meet obligations and requirements of less specialised services.

Julie says that as a team, everyone working together, talking and exploring each client’s situation is what makes the difference to a young person who presents at Passages. “It’s the flexibility to look outside the box in our responses, that we can offer support to everyone that knocks on the door and these are some of the most disconnected and vulnerable young people in our community that don’t have anywhere else to go and no one else to turn to.” Julie said.

Passages staff work under a Low Threshold and Change model whereby they eliminate barriers for young people accessing the service. That means that youth workers such as Julie understand that basic needs may need to be met first such as food, a shower or emotional support so young people are more likely to engage with support services.

Julie mentions that one of the reasons she finds working at Passages so rewarding is the integrated support that young people can access in a safe and positive environment.

“We can be the support that has been missing for a young person to start to reconnect with services and also to reconnect with the community. When I put on my badge and keys in the morning and come to work and open the gate, I feel proud. I’m proud to be part of a service that is so unique, non-judgemental and giving.”

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