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Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

A message from Andrew York, Executive Manager, Community Engagement Services.

NAIDOC week is the 3rd to the 10th of July and this year’s theme is Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! 

Vinnies staff, members and volunteers must continue to Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! for systemic change in our communities. Whether it’s seeking proper environmental, cultural and heritage protections, Constitutional change, a comprehensive process of truth-telling, working towards treaties, or calling out racism—we must do it together.

It must be a genuine commitment by all of us to Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! and support and secure institutional, structural, collaborative, and cooperative reforms.

It’s also time to celebrate the many who have driven and led change in our communities over generations—they have been the heroes and champions of change, of equal rights and even basic human rights.

Getting Up, Standing Up, and Showing Up can take many forms. We need to move beyond just acknowledgement, good intentions, empty words and promises, and hollow commitments.

The relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non‑Indigenous Australians needs to be based on justice, equity, and the proper recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights.

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Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!