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Everyone should have a place to call home

As we move towards the state election, Unlock Housing proposes the WA government invest in social and affordable housing by committing to the delivery of a $1 billion package to address the chronic housing crisis in WA, fix the housing system through policy review and reform, and end homelessness, by considering the recommendations put forward.

Vinnies WA is a principal partner in the Unlock Housing movement which is led by Shelter WA. Through our services and programs we see first-hand the trauma and impact of homelessness, and see the evidence of how safe, secure and affordable housing can dramatically improve wellbeing, health, education outcomes and employment.

A late rent payment, sudden job loss or sickness can force someone into a financial crisis that can quickly escalate, leading to homelessness. The problem is very real, with an estimated 9,000 Western Australians experiencing homelessness on any given night, and over 4,000 people supported each day by specialist homelessness services.

Currently, the Western Australian housing market faces a perfect storm of a low supply of private rentals, highly priced rental properties and the moratorium on rent increases and evictions will end this month. This makes it almost impossible for people on low incomes to find a home, and having to join the 15,500 other households on the Social housing waiting list. Social housing has been in steady decline over the past three years with the current shortfall of 39,200 homes required. The WA Government’s plan is to create just 260 social houses per year over the next ten years won’t come close to meeting this demand.

Unlock Housing’s bold initiative includes short, medium and long term strategies to address the lack of social and affordable housing, policy reform and the aim to end homelessness.  The package being put forward over the next four years the ability to:

  • Deliver 18,000 new social and affordable rental homes
  • Take more than 36,000 people out of acute housing stress and homelessness
  • Upgrade 15,300 homes including 8300 solar and energy retrofits
  • Provide safe, interim accommodation solutions for 620 rough sleepers as a pathway to a permanent home
  • Unlock $2 billion investment into social and rental homes from industry and institutional

The Unlock Housing campaign gives the opportunity to address the housing crisis Western Australians are facing and can ensure everyone has a place to call home.

You learn more or add your voice to the Unlock Housing campaign by visiting the website or signing and sharing the petition before the March 13 State Election.