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Vinnies WA launches Appeal to support recovery efforts

With the needs of people affected by the bushfire crisis front and centre of mind, Vinnies WA is responding to the current Bushfire crisis with the launch of the Vinnies WA Bushfire Recovery Appeal.

This Appeal will be solely dedicated to assisting people in their recovery journey from the devastating effects of these recent bushfires with 100% of the money raised going directly to the relief and recovery effort.

Vinnies WA will be responding through our network of local volunteer members and support services. Susan Rooney, Vinnies WA CEO says that the priority at this stage is assessing and meeting the needs of people in affected communities by providing practical and personal support.

“Vinnies WA will be there to work with people directly as well as working alongside other agencies as part of the recovery process.” Ms Rooney says.

“We are very well placed to offer a genuine understanding of people’s situations as we had local volunteers who lived through the experience themselves, and who are committed to standing by their communities through the recovery phase.”

Vinnies WA is directly supporting local families impacted and has been able to provide petrol, food and clothes vouchers. We were able to deliver 50 backpacks to one local primary school in bushfire affected areas, providing much needed school supplies to start their school year off with confidence.

Donations to the Vinnies WA Bushfire Recovery Appeal will help pay for immediate needs as well as emergency accommodation and living costs. We will also be able to provide long term support through financial counselling services and assistance with the financial impact of damage and loss associated with the fires.

“For each person the time it takes to recover is different.  Right now, making a financial donation is the most effective contribution you can make so we can get funds to people quickly, and give people choices and flexibility for their long term recovery.”

The Vinnies WA Bushfire Recovery Appeal is focused on doing what Vinnies WA has always done – being there when times are hard.  Through this Appeal we will assist people as they re-establish their homes, their livelihoods and their spirit during the difficult months ahead.

You can support the Vinnies WA Bushfire Recovery Appeal from today HERE or call 13 18 12.