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WA leads the nation with highest proportion of rough sleepers

Vinnies WA is concerned by the latest ABS data on homelessness in Western Australia.

According to recently released figures from the 2021 census, the number of people sleeping rough has more than doubled in the past five years. It means that now one in every four people experiencing homelessness is sleeping rough. WA is now in the unenviable position of leading the nation with the highest proportion of rough sleepers.

We see the effects of homelessness in our services every day, whether it’s at our Tom Fisher House short-stay accommodation, our two Passages Youth Engagement Hubs* or in our Emergency Assistance Program.

We are committed to delivering our services to people experiencing homelessness, but more needs to done to tackle this community issue, including delivering more social housing, tackling youth homelessness, introducing a state-based rental subsidy and making renting fairer.

Click here to get a more detailed look at the ABS’ Estimating Homelessness data

*Passages Hubs are a joint venture between Vinnies WA and the Rotary Club of Perth and Mandurah.