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The Vinnies WA Bushfire Recovery Appeal will be delivering assistance to people and families impacted by the WA Bushfire crisis as they rebuild their homes and lives.

The following FAQ’s may help answer any questions regarding donations to our Appeal.


How will Vinnies use my donation?

We will use all donations for the long term social recovery journey for people affected by the bushfires.

  • Short term: this may be money to pay for immediate needs such as food vouchers, clothing, bedding, fuel and other household costs, along with emergency accommodation.
  • Medium term: money may be needed to pay for living costs, white goods and furniture.
  • Long term: this may include assistance through financial counselling, and/or to cover damage to homes.

Does my money actually go to people affected by fires?

You can be assured that 100% of funds raised through this appeal will go directly to people affected by the fires.

Can I drop my clothes/blankets/furniture/mattress etc for you to send to people affected by fire?

At this point, the best way we can support people affected by the bushfires is to make a financial donation. If you would like to donate goods, please consider donating to your Vinnies shop. Funds raised from the sale of items in store allow us to continue to support people in need in the local WA community. Please note that while we cannot guarantee that the goods donated will go directly to people impacted by the bushfire, the funds raised from the sale of donated goods will continue to support people in need including those affected.


Does Vinnies keep a portion of my money for ‘administration fees?’

Vinnies does not take an administration fee from money donated during disasters.  100% of the funds donated to the Bushfire Appeal goes directly to people affected by the bushfires.


Is my donation tax deductible?

We are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient and therefore gifts of two dollars or more are tax deductible for you.

Can I go into my local Vinnies shop and make a financial donation?

Yes you can.


Is my credit card secure?

Yes – donations through our website are secure and your information will be protected.

Do you sell my personal information?

No we will never sell your personal information to anyone. We are 100% compliant with Australia’s privacy principles.

How do I donate?

Should you wish to make a financial donation then please visit the official website or call 13 18 12.