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Jenny and Leanne’s Story

Volunteers Jenny and Leanne work regularly in the Vinnies Call Centre based at Canning Vale. The Call Centre on average receives 200 calls daily in the four hours it is open five days a week and help people seeking emergency assistance with requests for food, furniture, clothing, utility bills and rent. Their volunteering role, being there for people, on the other end of the phone, is incredibly important to both Jenny and Leanne.

Leanne Gunner & Jenny Tsen

“It’s been very rewarding to know that being a volunteer I can pass on that message to Vinnies members who can then visit clients in their home to provide the very basics such as food to them,” Jenny said. Both ladies have remarked on what they have gained since they started volunteering such as improving their computer skills, building their self-confi dence and sense of purpose. But it is also the fulfi lling experience they get from the time they devote each week to helping people.

Jenny says, “It is almost like a sense of pride because to not just receive but to be able to give makes you feel good”. Leanne agrees and adds how much she looks forward each week to being able to help people. “It gives you a really nice feeling so if you can give the time it’s a great thing to do and feel good about yourself.”

Jenny and Leanne are only two of the 3,700 Vinnies volunteers and members that share their passion, dedicate their time, effort and support each week to helping vulnerable Western Australians in our community. All our volunteers are wonderful examples of when you care lives are changed.