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Passages celebrates Youth Week 2022

Young people are and will always be the future, so this YouthWeek (8-16 April), we’re celebrating the many contributions they make here in WA and around the world.

The theme for Youth Week WA 2022 is Courage to Change, Booraka Korangan-ak – a call to action, empowering young people to form their own opinions, shape decision making and enact change.

Our Passages Youth Engagement Hubs in Perth and Peel work alongside young people as they progress towards positive change in their lives. Individual support goals are determined collaboratively between youth workers and young people but at all stages young people can decide the supports they want to receive and the outcomes they want to work towards, allowing them to have choice and control over their journeys.

Acknowledging that change is often difficult for everyone and comes in many forms, youth workers focus on the belief that there is always a possibility for change and recognise the strength, courage and resilience displayed by young people as they continue to navigate uncertain presents and futures due to ongoing adversity.

Passages staff are committed to raising the voice of Young People, particularly those who are underrepresented in social policy at both a state and federal level and do not have their basic human rights met due to a lack of access to safe and stable housing. We will continue to advocate for and empower young people to use their voices and experiences to bring about necessary and lasting change.

To celebrate Youth Week 2022, Passages Youth Engagement Hubs in Perth and Peel will host a number of events including Haircuts, a pop-up Op Shop, craft activities a high tea and healthy cooking. To find out more please contact Passages Perth on 9228 1478 and Passages Peel or 9583 5160.

Passages Youth Engagement Hubs are a joint venture between Vinnies WA and the Rotary Club of Perth and Mandurah.