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Passages Peel is 10!

Passages Peel is celebrating its 10th birthday and we couldn’t be prouder of the difference it’s made to the lives of so many young people.

Since opening on 10 February 2012, young people have accessed Passages services on more than 22,841 individual occasions.

Passages Peel was established in response to the growing number of young people in the Mandurah area that were sleeping rough, and the latest data shows just how important Passages is.

According to the Zero Project on Homelessness, 51 young people in Mandurah were homeless and sleeping rough in December last year alone.

Passages Peel offers them a safe, friendly and non-judgemental space to access support and referrals. Passages does not require referrals or exclude individuals on the basis of behaviours of concern, drug use or criminal activity.

The service provides marginalised and at-risk young people aged 12 to 25 with basic needs such as food, showers, laundry facilities and access to the internet as well as specialised support services.

Passages Peel Coordinator Jade Gillespie says building relationships with young people is about finding out what is important to them, rather than for them.

“Most young people that engage with Passages have been significantly impacted by trauma in their lives,” she explains.

“This experience is unique to each individual and so Passages aims to promote a young person’s sense of control over their life and environment.

“Passages staff are able to build relationships with young people and begin informal conversations about their support needs.”

Although Mandurah is only an hour from Perth, the service Passages provides can make a huge difference.

The area often attracts young people from smaller towns and communities who, due to a lack of confidence and experience, don’t want to travel into Perth to seek out extra services they might need.

“There are fewer housing options for young people in Mandurah, particularly those in crisis or with additional support needs and there are less employment opportunities for those who are ready to take that step,” Jade says.

“We recognise that young people’s willingness or capacity for change varies and that the journey to positive change is not linear, so we work alongside young people to build relationships founded in trust.”

We wish the amazing team at Passages a happy birthday and all the best for many years to come!

Passages Youth Engagement Hubs are a joint venture between Vinnies WA and the Rotary Club of Perth and Mandurah.