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The Spring Appeal is launched this week with the newest edition of the Spirit Newsletter. 

With this edition, we celebrated the great achievement of our tenth Vinnies CEO Sleepout, which raised over $900,000 in support of our homelessness services. This is an amazing result, but sadly more and more people are finding themselves in hardship. With an increase in the complexity of the issues faced, we need to be there to help them through the tough times.

Homelessness does not discriminate – it can happen to anyone. And when it does, you can help Vinnies to be there to provide dignity and hope to people in need.

The cause of homelessness is often complex.

A single mum of two, Natalie was at full capacity working four days a week and caring for her young daughters. The family were living in a unit that was affordable but not without serious issues.

After discovering moss in the ceiling, Natalie knew she couldn’t stay in the unit. It was putting her and her daughters in danger of ongoing, debilitating health issues.  She ended her tenancy after six months, which is when she first experienced homelessness.

Natalie was forced to live in her car while looking for suitable accommodation.

Natalie’s story does not end there. She went on to experience rental stress, which took a toll on her health and mental wellbeing. With some encouragement from friends, Natalie placed a call to the Vinnies Call Centre. Natalie was put in touch with two of our volunteers who helped with rental assistance, support with bills and food vouchers.

The drastic change in her circumstances made her feel ‘like she had won $1 million’. Natalie and her girls were able to start to rebuild their lives.