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Vinnies calls for help with donations backlog

Vinnies WA is asking for volunteers to help clear a backlog of donations, with the charity receiving stock in record numbers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Vinnies shops have been running with smaller teams of staff and volunteers.

Most donations are received in Vinnies shops, where they are sorted and, if suitable for sale, added directly to floor stock.

The lack of available volunteers has made it increasingly difficult to process donations in a timely manner, which means donations are instead transferred to Vinnies’ Canning Vale Distribution Centre to be processed.

“Our staff and volunteers have been doing an outstanding job processing donations and assisting customers in these difficult circumstances, but we need more help to ease the pressure on them and clear the backlog,” said Carl Prowse, Vinnies Executive Manager of Social Enterprise.

Mr Prowse said the amount of pre-loved clothing to be sorted at the Vinnies Distribution Centre had increased 300 per cent since December.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the WA community for their donations, which helps us fund or support services to the local community, so we’re going to work very hard to get through these donations as quickly as possible.

“We encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering, to please get in touch with us – we need you,” Mr Prowse added.

Every year, Vinnies assists more than 55,000 West Australians by providing emergency relief such as food, furniture, clothing as well as help with bills and rent.

In addition to providing emergency relief and support, Vinnies runs a range of specialised services and programs in the areas housing and homelessness, mental health, migrants and refugees, youth services, financial counselling.

Carl Prowse with a fraction of the donated clothing in the Vinnies Distribution Centre.