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Thank you to our volunteers

On 5 December, Vinnies WA joined millions of people all over the world to celebrate International Volunteer Day by extending a heartfelt thank-you to its own volunteers.

Vinnies volunteers are exceptional in so many ways, contributing their time, skills and effort to improve the lives of over 55,000 Western Australians who experience hardship.

Vinnies WA Manager, Volunteer Services May Bowden reflected on the enormous contribution of our 3,693 volunteers and members.

“Many of our volunteers tell us that they love being Vinnies volunteers, and that they get so much out of it,” she said.

“Yesterday a volunteer told me that volunteering with a team of wonderful people helped her to get over her depression, gave her a supportive group of new friends to help her process her grief at losing her husband and to feel worthwhile again.

“Another young volunteer told me that volunteering with Vinnies has helped him overcome his anxiety and given him confidence and that he’s socialising more than he’s ever done,” she said.

A group of Vinnies volunteers also attended a special thank-you event at Government House, where Governor Kim Beazley paid tribute to volunteers from across Western Australia.

“There is no doubt we need to recognise and support the spirit of volunteerism to help create a better future, whether on a global scale, or more locally within Western Australia,”

“The impact you and all volunteers have on communities is immeasurable. I thank each and every one of you for your tireless, selfless and invaluable contributions,” he said.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a Vinnies volunteer.